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Why is Oil Change Crucial for Your Vehicle?

One of the fundamental aspects of vehicle maintenance is the regular change of oil. Let's explore why this seemingly simple task holds significant importance for your vehicle's optimal performance and longevity.

Functions of Engine Oil: Lubrication and Protection

The primary role of engine oil is to lubricate and shield the various ducts and components of your vehicle from corrosion and premature wear. This essential fluid plays a pivotal role in ensuring proper performance.

Draining and Protective Functions of Lubrican:

Why Choose Paul’s Tires for Oil Change?

At Paul’s Tires, we provide advanced oil change services with Shell Oil and top-tier parts. Our qualified staff tailors maintenance plans to meet your needs and your vehicle's requirements.

Engine Oil Composition and Functionality:

Derived from hydrocarbons in oil, engine oil establishes a protective field between engine parts, reducing friction and enhancing overall performance. It aids in even heat distribution, ensuring different engine components remain cool for efficient operation.

When to Change Engine Oil:

Regular oil checks are essential, with recommendations varying based on oil type:

  • Mineral oils: Change every 5000 KM.

  • Semisynthetic oils: Change every 10,000 KM.

  • Synthetic oils: Change every 15,000 KM.

Consequences of Neglecting Engine Oil:

Failure to change oil regularly can lead to increased wear on internal engine parts, resulting in potential damages to the entire vehicle and the need for costly engine replacements.

Expert Advice from Paul’s Tires:

Prioritize Your Vehicle’s Well-Being


Regular oil changes are paramount for your vehicle's ongoing performance and longevity. Neglecting this crucial maintenance can lead to increased wear, potential engine damage, and expensive repairs. At Paul's Tires, we emphasize the significance of timely oil changes to safeguard your vehicle's health and well-being. Schedule your next oil change with us for proactive and reliable vehicle care.

Our quick mechanics at Paul’s Tires recommend:

  • Check oil levels every 3000 KM.

  • Adhere to recommended oil change intervals based on your vehicle's make and model.

  • Avoid mixing different oil types or viscosities to prevent alterations in properties.

Before an oil change, the lubricant used performs a crucial role. Elements that pass through the duct are expelled, and the lubricant creates a protective field within moving parts, reducing friction, ensuring system sealing, and maintaining engine compression. Additionally, engine oil acts as the initial cooling fluid, contributing to optimal temperature maintenance.

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