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Why is the oil change important for our vehicle?

One of its main functions is to lubricate and protect the ducts and parts of the vehicle from corrosion and premature wear off, reason why it is a fundamental fluid at the time of checking its use for the proper performance.


During the drain of the lubricant used, before the change of oil, many elements that go through the duct are thrown to the exterior, besides the lubricant creates a protective field within the elements in movement to reduce friction that generates the proper sealing of the system and good compression of the engine. The engine oil is the first element that acts as cooling fluid and contributes to the maintenance of the optimal temperature for its parts.


The oil protects and lubricates all internal parts of the engine, it must be changed at least once a year according to the manufacturers recommendations, hear at Paul’s Tires we have different maintenance plans adapted to your needs and your vehicle’s.

Why hiring this service at Paul’s Tires?


We have the most advanced means to do it, we work with Shell Oil and top level parts plus the qualified staff that is always ready to provide the best maintenance plan for you.


Here at Paul’s Tires we include many other services because we know how important the lubrication of each part is to ensure the best performance.



How does the oil in the engine work?


It’s made from hydrocarbon derived from oil, its main function is to establish a protective field between the parts of an engine to reduce friction and improve its performance, it also helps to provide an even distribution of the high temperatures of heat from the engine among its interior in time so other parts can remain cool enough to ensure a better performance.


The engine oil is measured by its viscosity which means the resistance that it offers, each oil has a different viscosity properties that could suit better for different types of engines. The viscosity changes from summer to winter reason why we need to choose the best engine oil according to the area in which we use our vehicle.


When should I change the oil?


  • It is very important to check the oil periodically and check the level in order to see if a change is needed.

  • With the mineral oils we don’t recommend to go above 5000 KM, in the case of the semisynthetic 10 000 KM and the synthetic can reach 15 000 KM.



Consequences of a bad engine oil


An abnormal functioning can cause the internal parts of an engine to wear off because they will be forced to keep up to a higher performance and this situation can cause damages to the entire vehicle and eventually the entire engine would need to be replaced, not to mention that it will be very expensive.



Paul’s Tires expert advice about the change of oil


Our experts in quick mechanics here at Paul’s recommend the following:

  • Check your oil level every 3000 KM.

  • Respect the maximum time and kilometers of the oil according to the make and model of the vehicle.

The more oil you use the better the engine will work:

  • Do not mix different types of oil or different types of viscosity because you could cause an alteration in its properties

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