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Selecting tires should not be less important in fact we should do it carefully, because depending on which tire you choose it will determine the duration of it, this decision is also linked to the safety when driving and that’s why Paul’s Tires will share with you some basic strategies for a better selection of them to ensure the best result possible.

The selection will depend on the type of vehicle first, it is necessary to consider some points such as the size, since this change in some makes or models, and at the same time consider the weather conditions the tires will be exposed to and last but not least the condition in which you will use them.


Strategies you should consider:


  • When replacing them make sure you check the size and dimension according the type of vehicle, for example at we have a search bar where you can find the right size by just typing the year, make and model of the vehicle.


  • Tires perform with certain characteristics with the purpose of provide a good performance according to the different weather conditions that might occur, for example if you live in a rainy area then you need to choose a proper tire for those conditions.


  • The type of use you will give them is important to consider then selecting a tire, for example the use in the city may be different than using it on a highway.


Here some additional tips:


  • Make sure the dimension of the tire is correct to avoid the vehicle from having any issue if something comes up with the ground which could also affect your safety.


  • Before going on any trip make sure you check the conditions of the vehicle and the tire’s pressure.

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