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The balance between tires and rims



Balancing is the process through which the weight of a tire is adjusted to maintain proper balance between both. In other words is the service that distributes evenly the weight of the tires and the rims. When this process is not done correctly it puts the vehicle in risk of losing years of life in terms of duration.


There are two types of balancing; the static and the dynamic, in the first one we apply weight on the rim to get balance and in the second one it’s the opposite, we take the weight of the tire to make the proper adjustment, you can notice when your car needs balancing because it will vibrate or even make sounds when changing the speed 


The alignment and balancing are two very important services to ensure proper use of your tires and its lifetime duration, if you still have some doubts about either process we invite you to visit us and we will make sure our staff will help you on any question you have and remember, we are the experts!

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