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At Paul’s Tires we know that the maintenance of the brakes guarantees safety for everyone. If your brakes make a sound that’s a signal that you need to check them immediately, contact us for a brakes inspection to find any irregularity that affects the performance of your car.


How to understand the braking process: Brakes, rotor and brake pads.

As an owner and driver of a vehicle it is important to have some knowledge about the different components the braking system involves. Whenever you hit the brakes the braking pads create friction and at the same time the disc brake deploys heat to avoid the brakes overheat. Both tasks are essential for a proper performance of your braking system

There are several problems brakes can have that will indicate your vehicle need to have a brake check.

Paul’s Tires will give you some tips on when to check them:

  • When the brake pedal is loose when pressing or if goes deeper than usual.

  • When braking pulls your car to the right or left.

  • When making sounds or by feeling vibrations at the moment of braking.

Nowadays the majority of brake pads have a metal component that creates a tiny squeaky sound and with time this sound increases to let you know that the pads need to be checked and changed, so if you hear a loud squeaky sound it’s time to take your card to a mechanic for an inspection

Paul’s Tires brake services: changing the brake pads.

The changing of the brake pads is the most common repair in the braking system, and the reason is simple, brakes are designed to wear away. The pads rub against the disc to allow the car to stop so that makes the brake pads the most important problem to detect when doing this check up.

Now, in the situation that you have the proper set of tools, the two most difficult parts when changing the brake pads are the pliers weight and the pistons. And even without the proper tool it’s easy to adjust the pliers and pistons to easily fit them with the new brake pads.

The brake pads is just one of two things you will need to deal in regards to the braking system but don’t forget that there are other elements to check as well, if the pads are too wore out then they might have some holes due to the heat, if so then it means that it needs to be changed immediately.

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