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Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas that does not leak out of a tire as quickly as air. Therefore, your tire will hold the correct pressure longer.

By maintaining your correct tire pressure longer, nitrogen will maximize:


Tire Pressure and Tire Life

Under-inflated tires wear quickly on the shoulders and over-inflated tires wear in the center. It is important to maintain your tires regardless of what they are inflated with. However, since nitrogen maintains tire pressure longer, the amount of maintenance is reduced and tire wear is minimized, increasing the life of the tire.

Fuel Economy

Proper tire pressure lessens Rolling resistance and maximizes fuel efficiency. Nitrogen allows you to reap the benefits of properly inflated tires – including better fuel economy!

Safety & Comfort

Under-inflated tires cause 90 percent of blowouts and incorrectly inflated tires make the ride stiff or bouncy. Since nitrogen stays in the tire longer it provides more reliable pressure for reduced blowout potential and a smoother ride.


Proper tire inflation ensures the recommended “contact patch” (the part of the tire that contacts the road Surface) i son the road, ensuring it handles the way it was designed.

Helping the Environment

Proper tire pressure saves fuel and prolongs tire life, which means fewer fuel emissions and fewer resources and energy use don tires.

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