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Why is the alignment important for our vehicles?



The tires alignment is about reestablishing the geometrical configuration to adjust the direction mechanism and the suspension elements according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The goal is to make the tires parallel in order to be properly supported in the ground as well as to avoid damage in different parts of it.


At Paul’s Tires we think that a proper alignment guarantees your vehicle to be stable and properly respond to steering. It improves the adhesion of the tires to the ground as well as improving the performance of the car that finally provides safety to the passenger.

Why hiring Paul’s Tires for this service?


The right alignment and assembly of the tires is fundamental and we are the experts.


We adjust the geometry of it according the your manufacturer’s specifications.


Our work is to ensure your safety on the road as well as to prolong the duration of your tires.



A proper alignment of the four tires ensures an optimal performance of your vehicle, it also improves adhesion, road safety, proper functioning and allows you to save some fuel by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


With the alignment the original geometrical configuration is reestablished by the measure and high precision adjustments. So besides its reduction on carbon dioxide emissions we recommend you to check the alignment at least once a year instead of just buying new tires.


Paul’s Tires extra tips on when to bring us your vehicle: 



When you notice the tire isn’t wore out evenly


When the tire has hit something such as a speed bump or any other structure


When the adhesion with the ground is less or feels less




At Paul’s Tires we have qualified technicians to check the alignment of your vehicle at adjust it geometrically following the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure you a safer travel, so don’t hesitate on trusting us for the job!

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